The registration portal for September 2024 has closed and, will re-open for February 2025 enrolment on September 15, 2024.  Short-term stay applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis.  Application forms must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the start date to ensure adequate processing time.

STEP 1 – Review our schools https://www.ycdsb.ca/schools/ and choose your TOP 3 *NOTE: A Non-Catholic Agreement must be submitted for students who are not of Roman Catholic faith. Should an elementary-aged international student’s legal status change such that they are no longer required to pay fees (refer to the legal status change note within the Refund Policy below for clarity), then the student must comply with the board’s Catholicity requirement and must receive the sacrament of baptism in a Roman Catholic church prior to commencing school on a non fee-paying basis.

STEP 2 – Review the International Education New Students Application Procedures

STEP 3 – Complete & Submit the Homestay & Custodianship applications through CHN https://canadahomestaynetwork.ca/ycdsb/ or MLI https://www.mlihomestay.com/york-catholic-district-school-board.html (NOTE: If students are living with their parents, they do not require Homestay/Custodianship services) and review the Custodianship Agreement

STEP 4 – Submit an Online Application (select ‘Apply Online’ button below)

STEP 5 – Complete & Submit PAYMENT

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are expected to arrive and be registered prior to the start of the school year/semester/term to avoid falling behind in their studies. Any delays in the student’s arrival must be communicated with us as soon as possible. If this is the case, secondary students must arrive and be registered with the school, no later than the 2nd Friday after the start of school. Elementary students must arrive and be registered with the school, no later than the last Friday of the month, after the start of school. Students will automatically be deferred to the next enrolment period if we have not received communication related to any delays and will be notified accordingly. No refund will be issued as per our refund policy.)



Please refer to the documents and information below to assist you in the application process:

Full Year (Sept. - Jan)

Semester 1

Application Deadlines
Portal Opens on January 15
Portal Closes on June 15


Semester 2

Application Deadlines
Portal Opens on September 15
Portal Closes on November 15

Renewing Students

You will be contacted and issued a renewal form by the Admissions Department.


As of September 2021, in order to support student safety and well-being, international students MUST procure Homestay and Custodianship services from one (1) of the two (2) YCDSB approved service providers: Canada Homestay Network (CHN) https://canadahomestaynetwork.ca/ycdsb/ or Muskoka Language Institute (MLI) https://www.mlihomestay.com/york-catholic-district-school-board.html. Please refer to instructions in the International Student Application & Renewal Procedure below for further instructions.

Application for admission to York Region Catholic Schools by foreign students (including U.S. citizens) are processed according to the Education Act, and to Immigration Canada laws and procedures; fees are applicable according to the YCDSB fee schedule. Refunds are granted according to the YCDSB refund policy.

All International Students’ applications must be processed through the Admissions Office at the Catholic Education Centre. Please contact the Admissions Office for additional assistance.





The above steps provide an abbreviated version of the application process, intended to show the order of the preliminary steps in the process and in no way encompass the entire student application/study permit application/school registration process. Please review the entire International Student Application & Renewal Procedure and refer to the Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada website for information on study permit requirements & application process: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship.html.


If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help.


(905) 713-2711 Ext. 13634 (Int'l Ed) or Ext. 12434 (Admissions)



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